Session I - Renewable Energy and Technologies

Effective Energy Supply in Remote Island

KYUDENKO Corporation

“Energy Management System in Remote islands”

Kyudenko is the leading company of Integrated Utilities Engineering Services in Japan. "Kyudenko EMS" is our key technology which control unstable renewable energy. It has been installed onSumba Island, Indonesia realizes stable grid connection with 100% renewable energy and enables utilization of unstable renewable energy power as the core resource of local power grid.


Mr. Eiichi Nagayama
Special Adviser

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.

“Energy Management System in Remote islands”

Transition from a centralized to a distributed grid with renewable energy. There are issues regarding stable energy supply in part of remote islands or un-electrified areas. For example, the people who live in some remote island use diesel generator. However, its fuel cost is expensive because of high transport cost. H2One supply stable energy by not using grid power or diesel generator, regardless of weather. H2One as a hybrid system of renewable and hydrogen energy to realize 100% self-production and consumption.


Mr.Hiroyuki Ota
General Manager

NGK Insulators, LTD

“Electric energy storage systems as a solution for technical challenges with renewable energy”

NAS® Batteries are electric energy storage systems with large energy capacity and long life. We would like to introduce the actual installation cases of NAS Batteries which includes utilizing the surplus energy from photovoltaic systems, absorbing the power fluctuation of wind generators and stabilizing the grid frequency in an island.


Mr.Tetsusya Hatta

Perusahaan Listrik Negara(PLN)

”Renewable Energy Development Plan”


Mr. Suroso Isnandar
Deputy Manager of System Planning


Solar & Waste to Energy

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs(CMMA) of Indonesia

“Acceleration of development of Waste to Energy with Environment-Friendly Technology”


Mr. Yohannes Yudi Prabangkara
Head of Power System Planning

Hitachi Zosen Corporation

“Waste to Energy Power Generation”

Waste to Energy plants are designed to produce power from the large amounts of energy generated during hygienic waste incineration and treatment processes. The Hitachi Zosen group is a global leader in this field, having built a lot of Waste to Energy plants around the world.


Mr. Gatot Subagyo
Marketing Manager

Takasago Thermal Engineering

“Gyro Type Tracking Solar Power System, and Biomass Power Generation”

1.Gyro type tracking solar power system can collect solar radiation 1.3 times more than fixed type. 2.Environment Recycling System(High Speed Indigenous Microbes Fermentation System) turn waste into resources, fuel by fermentation and drying process. 3.Carbonizer. Energy saving from ; Hydrothermal superheated steam heat transfer, Exhaust gas energy recovery, Syngas combustion.


Mr. Yoshiyuki Inoue
General Manager
International Business Planning Division, International Business Head quarters

Investment & Finance

Nippon Koei

“Newly developed Energy Business as a better solutions for non-carbon society”

Nippon Koei has been contributing Indonesia as a consultant firm of civil engineering. But in addition to its original business, Nippon Koei expanded its business field toward investment on energy business. In this presentation, Nippon Koei will introduce its experiences as both civil engineering consultant and energy business developer.


Mr. Franck BERNARD
Senior Vice-President
Energy Storage & VPP, Singapore Branch

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

“Project Finance for Renewable Energy”

SMBC is a leading global project finance bank with a strong track record in Indonesia. SMBC has been a front-runner in the renewable energy space in Indonesia having financed a number of hydro, wind and geothermal projects. SMBC will introduce its activities and present on financing of renewable projects in Indonesia.


Mr. Zia Azeez
Deputy General Manager
Project Finance Group Investment Banking Dept., Asia

Session II - Energy Efficiency in Indonesia

Energy Efficient Technologies

Ministry of Industry of Indonesia

Making Indonesia 4.0


Ms. Lilih Handayaningrum
Head of Environment Division

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering

“Energy cost saving opportunity by onsite energy service”

We are energy solutions provider with capabilities of engineering, procurement and construction, as well as operation and maintenance. We provide (1) energy cost saving, (2) CO2 emission reduction and (3) stable energy supply to client through our onsite energy service: building and operating high efficiency CHP and/or boiler within client premise.


Mr.Takeyuki Kishimoto
Manager, Engineering Solution Div.

Kawasaki Gas Turbine Asia Sdn Bhd Jakarta Representative Office

“Prime movers for Energy Solutions”

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is one of manufactures for gas-fired energy solution products such Gas Turbine and Gas Engine. These products are used mainly for CHP (Combined Heat and Power) or Co-Generation system in several industrial factory and commercial building. Also, they can contribute to energy saving and decreasing CO2 emissions.


Mr. Muneyuki Nishi
Chief Representative

Kawasaki Thermal Engineering

“Absorption Chiller and High Efficiency Once-through Boiler”

We offer variety of line-up for local cooling production process and co-generation system contributing to energy saving. 1)Absorption chiller "Efficio" with the world highest efficiency in double effect “COP=1.51” 2)Once-through boiler “IF Series” with has attained boiler efficiency “98%” with PI control of combustion and feed water.


Mr. Atsushi Sugimoto
Manager, Overseas Project Department Sales & Service Control Office

ESCO Utilizing Lease & IoT

Pt. Miura Indonesia

“High Efficiency Boiler System and Steam Drive Air Compressor”

Introduction for safety and high efficiency one through boiler system and air compressor which can drastically reduce electricity consumption.


Mr. Deny Handryansyah,
MI Sales

PT. Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Indonesia

Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation

“Up-to-date Energy Service for Steam Boiler Utilizing Lease and IoT Technology”

Ever imagined balancing CAPEX minimization and fuel cost reduction? Budget and utility management are top concerns of manufacturer. With our leading-edge energy service, manufacturer can enjoy sophisticated utility system, which ensures high performance at plant, managed by the IoT without any initial expenditures.


Mr. Manabu Fujita
Market Research Adviser, PT. Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Indonesia

Mr. Toru Kunihiro
Assistant Manager
Overseas Business Div.Business Development Dept. , Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation

Factory Energy Management System

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia

“Energy Management in Building and Industries”


Mr. Endra Tamtama
Deputy Director
Energy Conservation Monitoring and Evolution- Energy Conservation in Industries

PT. Mitsubishi Electric Indonesia

“Factory Energy Management System”

By integrating FA and LVS products, Mitsubishi Electric has been providing Energy Management solutions which contribute to the improvement of productivity and quality control with efficient use of energy for optimal factory operations.


Mr. Ahmad Reza
Industrial Automation Department Japanese Customer Support

PT Yokogawa Indonesia

“1. The first smart community project (F-Grid) in Japanese industrial complex. 2, Energy Saving by Optimum Operation in an Indonesian Major Oil Refinery”

1. Yokogawa Japan supplied FEMS to TOYOTA Factory, contributing to CEMS(Community Energy Management System) in an industrial complex as the first smart community project. 2. Yokogawa PT Indonesia supplied APS (Advanced Process control System) to a major oil in Indonesia and is under verification of effective and sustainable CO2 emission reduction by fossil fuel reduction.


Mr. Sudarto Ramli
technical director